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02 April 2017

Happy April! Welcome, Spring!

I have been away from our visits longer than I intended.  My "holiday" break became extended, first by illness and then by, well, life in general.

At the end of January, just when the grandchildren were getting over their sniffles, the man of the place and I came down with our own cases.  Colds turned into sinus infections, and then to bronchitis for him, and ear infections for me.  Between the two of us, we ended up with nine prescriptions, and were sick for the entire month of February.  (A real bummer, since my birthday falls at the end of February.)

We were on the mend in March, when our younger daughter was involved in a bad crash on the interstate.  She suffered only minor injuries, but the car is a total loss.  Thankfully, she was alone in the car at the time, and didn't hit any other vehicles.  The front passenger side tire blew out on a bridge over the Big Sandy River.  The state trooper who investigated told her she was lucky, not to have gone over the side of the bridge and into the river.

Only a week or so after the accident, our nearby grandlittles lost their paternal grandmother to lung cancer.  She'd been ill for about a year, and had been in hospice care for almost six months.  She passed away at home with her dog at her side.

So with all that behind me, I'm gearing up for more gnome adventures and some cooking adventures, too!  Although I've used pressure cookers for several years, I recently got an Instant Pot, which is a multifunction electric pressure cooker.  It's a fantastic timesaver, and I'm learning so many new recipes from the online community of  Instant Pot cooks!

Yesterday, I ferried all my little gnomes to the Clark County Public Library in Winchester, Kentucky.  All except the fall/winter/Christmas themed ones will be on display there through April 29.  Several library patrons stopped to chat while I was setting up, and they seemed very interested in my little wooden friends!  Here's a photo of the display, taken from my phone:

It's not the best photo -- I'm consistently disappointed by the quality of my phone's camera -- but it gives you an idea of how they appear.  The background of painted felt and the scenery was created by friends John and Julie Maruskin.  Julie is also a dollmaker, working mostly in small scale.  

Hopefully, I can get back to weekly visits with you!  In addition to sharing what's on (or off) the needles, I'll share reports from Instant Pot land.  Did you know you can make cheesecake in the pressure cooker???  And it's GOOD! 

Until next time!

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