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22 June 2016

"Mystery Garden" Project Reveal (and a free pattern!)

Well, dear people, I’ve completed the “mystery garden” project that has kept me busy!  It had LOTS of little components and fiddly bits, but it was great fun to do.

So far, I’ve shown you bits and pieces, and asked you to guess what I was doing …

… so here’s another clue …..

 Yes, I made a summer wreath!  I’m calling it my Happy Farm wreath.  I admire the wreaths made by Lucy over at Attic 24 so much. I’ve tried making a few in the past on flat masonite wreath forms …

…but this was the first time I’ve made one on a full-round foam wreath form.  I have a lot of information to share with you; this project made use of 23 colors*, by my count, and two different kinds of yarn, as well as patterns from various sources.  So, let’s begin with the wreath form.

The procedure I used for making the form cover is the same procedure outlined by Lucy in this post, except she used a half-round form and I used an 8" full-round form.  The cover is crocheted flat (with a 5.5mm hook) and then wrapped around the form and sewn in place.  The yarn I used for this is Wool of the AndesSuperwash, worsted weight, from Knit Picks.  I wanted the stripes of the wreath “background” to mimic the landscape of a farm:  plowed earth, growing plants, blue sky and sunshine.  So the colors I used, beginning at the top and moving clockwise, are:  Semolina, Clarity, Fjord Heather, BambooHeather, Avocado, Persimmon Heather, and Brass Heather.

 The wreath features vegetables, leaves, and flowers.  I thought about listing these in paragraph form, but I decided it might be easier for you if I listed them in a chart.  All elements were made using Palette fingering wool from Knit Picks, and were crocheted using a 2.25mm hook (except where noted).

Yarn Colors
Pattern Source
Carrots (2)
Kumquat Heather (carrot)

Radishes (2)
Cosmopolitan (top of radish)
White (bottom of radish)
Alfalfa (leaf veins)
Peapod (leaves)
Beet (1)
Fairy Tale (beet & leaf veins)
Verdant Heather (leaves)
Bell Pepper
Safflower (pepper)
Grass (stem)
my own pattern (not written down yet)
Tomato (appropriate!)
Rose Leaves (2)
White (flower)
Blush (flower)
Green Tea Heather & Lichen (twisted together and knotted to form center)
my own pattern – shared free at the end of this post!

And here, my dears, is the finished product:

 I’m so pleased with how this turned out!

I especially wanted nicotiana flowers in this wreath, as a friend plants them to attract hummingbirds. I did find a pattern online, but I didn’t like it.  So, going by photos of the actual plant, I made my own.  They’re very simple, and I share the pattern here with you.

Nicotiana  Flowers
This pattern uses American crochet abbreviations, and is knit in a continuous spiral (amigurumi style).  The numbers in (parentheses) at the end of each round tells you how many stitches you should have.

Round 1:  Make 6 sc in a “magic ring”. (6)
Round 2:  2 sc in each sc.  (12)
               Round 3:  *Sl st in next sc, ch 6, sk ch nearest hook, sl st in next ch, sc in next ch, hdc in next ch, dc in next ch, htr in next ch, sl st in next sc from previous round.  Repeat from * until 6 petals have been formed.  Fasten off.

Twist together one strand each of light green and light yellow green yarn.  Fold strand in half and make knot near the fold.  Using yarn needle, pull the free yarn ends through the center of the flower until the knot touches the center.  Weave in yarn ends or tie small square knot (won’t be noticed when flower is attached to project).

And that's it!  Now it's time to get back to work on Smaug the Dragon, my Modern Dot baby blanket, and a certain little sweater ....... ;)  Thanks for stopping by!  Remember, you can follow me on Facebook, or subscribe to this blog via email.  Feel free to share our visits with others, and leave your questions or comments below.  See you next week!

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