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14 May 2016

Who Turned Off the Heat??

48°F.  About 9°C.

That's the high temperature today.

They say it might frost tonight.

In Kentucky.  In mid-May.

Normally, I don't complain about cold weather.  I love "sweater weather", hot drinks, cuddly quilts and afghans, a fire in the fireplace.  I love these things, however, in their proper season, that being October to March.  By mid-May, when the rosebush is blooming (and boy, is it blooming this year!!), I'm expecting some warmer temperatures.  While my photos were loading, I went and turned on the heat.  I'm thinking about making some hot tea.  (Feel free to remind me of this day, when I'm complaining about the heat come July!)

All last week, we had stormy weather.  Heavy, rolling clouds of varying shades of gray brought thunder, rain and wind ...

... but yielded, around sunset, to some glorious colors in the western sky.

It's funny to watch the birds, before a storm comes.  I can usually gauge the weather by how many of them visit the feeders, and how intent they are on eating.  The cardinals and jays are still camera-shy, but I did see a mourning dove on the sidewalk after the man of the place mowed the yard.

I also, much to my amazement, captured a photo of a turkey vulture flying over the house, running just ahead of a storm.  We have lots of them in this area.  They're big and clumsy, and they cannot fly when their wings are wet.  It's not unusual to see several turkey vultures on the barn across the road, after a hard rain, their wings partially extended to dry so they can take off in search of their evening meal.

When the rain ends, the trees and flowers shimmer with beads of rainwater on their leaves and petals. The rosebush offers a gorgeous photo opportunity at every angle.  And the flowers of the Kousa dogwood tree glow against the dark foliage.  I've taken so many photos lately of post-storm sunshine, refracted in raindrops.  Thursday morning, I saw a breathtaking rainbow just before 7:00, its colors almost neon against the dark clouds of the western sky.

News from Steve, the outdoor cat:  one evening last week, he seemed to be completely well.  The wound on his foot was (and remains) completely healed, and he had stopped limping when he walked.  He really wanted outside, no doubt to return to his tomcatting rounds, so the hubs opened the front door -- and a streak of yellow fur went by.  We anticipated that he would go back to his usual routine.  The next morning, though, the man of the place awakened me before 6:00 to tell me that Steve was back inside.  He was on the porch when the dogs went out, and was obviously favoring the foot again.  So he returned to his penthouse accomodations, where he has been for almost a week, never missing a meal and capturing the occasional unlucky mouse.  We're going to try to return him outside in a few days, and see how it goes.  If he keeps coming up lame, we'll adopt him as an indoor cat, and take him to the vet for that visit that leaves male critters a little bit lighter, and a lot more confused. ;)

News from the land of string:  I've now completed all the pentagons, hexagons, and octagons on Smaug the Dragon.  I've actually laid that project aside for a bit, so that I can begin working on baby things for grandlittle #7.  There's a "right proper" yarn order on the way, with my favorite baby yarn -- Sirdar Snuggly.  It's a 55/45 nylon/acrylic DK weight yarn in dozens of scrumptious colors, and it is, hands-down, the best and softest baby yarn I've ever used.  It's also very easy care for new moms.  In the meantime, I'm working on a baby afghan with a modern twist:

Swish DK colors:  white plus (L-R) Wonderland Heather,
Green Tea Heather, and Amethyst Heather.
My plan is to make oodles of these hexies, then join them together to make a polka-dot afghan.  I think the turquoise/lime/purple color scheme is fresh, and a welcome change from the pastel colors normally chosen for baby things.  I'm using Swish DK by Knit Picks, a 100% superwash merino wool.  Wool makes it warm, and superwash wool makes it machine washable and dryable.  I'm going to alternate working on this project with working on Smaug and knitting little baby things, so I'll endeavor to post some in-progress photos as I go along.

Speaking of all things stringy, you know what next Saturday is, right?

Yep, it's the Kentucky Fiber Festival, and I'm going, and I'll be taking lots of photos, and I can't wait!!  Fingers are crossed for good weather and lots of exhibitors.  If you go to their website, you can see a list of vendors, get directions to the venue, and much more.  Admission is $5, but kids 12 and under are free, and there's free parking.  A few weeks ago, I began thinking about doing a logo for this blog and its associated Facebook page.  I like doing graphics work, so I came up with one (which you may have seen on Facebook) that I really liked, and then I thought, "This should be a t-shirt!"  So thanks to the good folks at Custom Ink, I'll be sporting my new logo t-shirt when I go to the Festival next Saturday!  Here's a photo, with free photobombing by Lola the beagle.  (Sorry about the folds in the fabric -- it was rather windy here today.)  If you're going to the Festival, look for the fat grandma with this shirt, short hair, glasses, and teal nail polish.  That will be me!  I'll also be walking with a man wearing an eyepatch -- spouse has his first cataract surgery next week, and will still be looking just a bit like a pirate.

Well, that's about it from this end of the world.  Questions or comments?  Leave them in the space below!  You can always find me on Facebook, and I do have a Pinterest presence (although I'm rotten at keeping it updated).  Know a friend who likes playing with string?  Invite them to join us!  I'll leave you with this photo of the neighbor's cow, because I like this picture, and I like cows. ;)

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