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02 May 2016

2016 Indiana Fiber & Music Festival (lots of photos!)

You never really realize how many photos you've taken at an event until you get home ..... and boy, was my camera busy at the Indiana Fiber & Music Festival on Saturday!  The weather was awful -- steady, pouring-down rain -- but the directions (off their website) were clear, there was plenty of free parking, and the folks were all very friendly.  I took so many photos, I've decided to split up this week's blog post into two posts:  this one, dedicated to the Festival, and another one later this week, with farm news and a progress report on Smaug.

Upon arriving at the Festival, we were greeted by two of the alpacas from The Shepherd's Criations Farm, Pinto (left) and Hope (right).

Once inside, there was so much to see!    There were folks spinning wool on wheels and drop-spindles.

There was, of course, LOTS of yarn -- some of it familiar brands from area shops, some of it artisan-dyed and handpainted.  (Those handpainted yarns were simply scrumptious, not only to look at but also to feel!)

The felters out there were well-represented; there were a number of crafters selling everything from purses to jewelry made of felted wool.

(Do you see the dog purse in the center of the last photo?  I was so tempted to buy that one!)

There were items of interest to fiber folks -- pottery yarn bowls, jewelry, antiques, little bowls made from coiled fibers.  The variety was astounding! (See the top yarn bowl in the first photo?  The artist told me that it represents a famous lighthouse in San Diego, where she lived for several years.  The rest of the bowl represents the ocean crashing around the rocks.)

The most unusual item, I thought,was fish leather.  Fiskur Leather of Minnesota brought an amazing selection of species and colors, and gave demonstrations throughout the day on how to cover a button with fish leather for your next fiber project.

They also brought some completed projects for sale -- this rack of fish leather billfolds/wallets, as you can see, was set up to attract the attention of the guys.

There were plenty of finished fiber items to buy.  My favorite -- which I didn't get a photo of, because I was too busy cuddling one! -- was an adorable stuffed rabbit made of alpaca wool.  There were sweaters from Peru, too, real eye-candy for those of you who (like me) love stranded colorwork and are fans of Alice Starmore. The execution on these stranded and intarsia sweaters is astounding.

And of course, it is the Indiana Fiber & Music Festival, so there was music, too!  

Tim Pearson with his electric, 3-string guitar
made from a wooden cigar box!
Haley Shields gave the crowd a mixture of recent hits
and her own songs (I liked hers better!).

The Festival Committee was selling t-shirts and tote bags with the Festival logo, for very reasonable prices. Programs were free, available either at the t-shirt table or at the greeter's table in the entry.

Now I have only one more photo, and this one is especially for my friend, Jayne!!  Jayne and I were recently talking about dyeing our own yarn, and she confessed that she would like to experiment with natural dyes.  She grew indigo last year, but hasn't yet made an attempt to indigo-dye yarn at home.  When I saw this display of naturally-dyed yarns, I had to take a photo for Jayne!  You can do it, Jayne! ;)

So there's my "photo album" from the 2016 Indiana Fiber & Music Festival.  I definitely plan to go back next year (hoping for better weather and more animals!) -- free admission, free parking, lots of vendors, lots of demonstrations, and the folks are really friendly!

Questions or thoughts?  Leave me a comment!  Share this post with anyone you know who loves playing with string.  And follow me on Facebook!  We'll get together again later this week, with news (and photos) from the farm, and an update on Smaug the Dragon. :)  To quote Winnie the Pooh -- "Ta Ta For Now!"


  1. Oooo! Thanks, Lo! Indigo inspiration AND having my name in your famous Blog! Wonderful photos of the festival- they may hire you as their official festival photographer! :-) Can't wait to see the second set soon!

    1. I was impressed by the depth of color they achieved using only natural plant dyes!


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