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12 April 2016

Yarndex -- No More??

This is just a very quick post to tell you that one of my favorite resources,, seems to have disappeared into the Internet ether.

A little digging has revealed that the Yarndex website was migrated to the website.  Now, it seems that Yarnmarket has been absorbed by  I've looked all over the Loveknitting site, and can't find any mention of Yarndex.  So, I've emailed their customer service staff, to see if it's still available.

I'll leave the Yarndex link on my list of links until I hear from someone at Loveknitting, at which time I'll have a new URL (hopefully!) or will know for sure that it's gone forever.  (insert the biggest sad face emoji you've ever seen here)

Photos of my new project coming soon!

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