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20 January 2016

The Perfect Pine Cone Pattern!

After we chatted yesterday, I sat down to "audition" some acorn patterns -- and I wasn't happy with any of the results.  I'm not sure how much of my dissatisfaction was due to the patterns themselves, or how much was due to how I worked the pattern, but around suppertime, I gave up.  Feeling a bit fidgety, and wanting something to do, I pulled out a pattern for crocheted pine cones that I purchased about a year ago from  Planet June.  June Gilbank's Pine Cone Collection offers instructions for six pine cones -- small, medium and large versions of either "thin" or "round" cones.  I sat down with some Knit Picks's Wool of the Andes yarn (DK weight, 100% wool) and began working the pattern.  And although it looked complicated, it was so easy!  The directions are well written and very clear, and there are helpful illustrations throughout.  I made a medium round one last night, and a medium thin one this morning, and I am "tickled pink" and "quite chuffed" by the results!

Moses Mouse presents June Gilbank's medium round (L) and medium thin(R) pine cones!
If you know your front loop from your back loop, you'll have no problem with this pattern.  It's also a good warmup for anyone wanting to learn the intimidating (but gorgeous) "crocodile stitch".  June has a large selection of other crochet patterns, too -- some for sale and some for free.  I noticed, whilst obtaining the links for this post, that she has an acorn pattern.  Guess what I'll be doing this afternoon? 

Before I go, here's a photo of our front yard ("front garden" for my UK friends) under last night's blanket of snow.  We have 3" now, with more predicted for tomorrow night!  Thankfully, the larder is stocked, the bird feeder is filled, and I've plenty of needlework to keep me busy!

Snowy day here on the farm!

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